What are the Latest Trendsin Access Control?

Avianna Frank, Director, Control and Compliance, The Estée Lauder Companies

What are the Latest Trendsin Access Control?Avianna Frank, Director, Control and Compliance, The Estée Lauder Companies

During this COVID-19 pandemic, more companies are applying access control technologies to facilitate remote work because it offers better security and accessibility to the network

The change that started in 2020 has altered people's approach to physical security in 2021 and beyond. It has never been more critical to create a robust facility and security strategy that can withstand catastrophe.

The last few years have seen a lot of advancements in access control technology. Access control has traditionally been a slow-moving sector, but there has been a significant shift due to the high customer demand and the necessity for better access control experiences.

Identity and authentication technology is evolving, as demonstrated by its widespread applications in various government and defense programs due to the rising security threats, international identification programs, and increased cloud-based hosted access and ID systems installed by integrators for government and commercial websites. In addition, the acceptance of analytics, behavior, and related biometric technologies have contributed to the sector's 50 percent gain in value.

Access Control Trends in 2021

Touchless and Frictionless Solutions, Facial Recognition, Cloud Computing, and a shift to Service Models are among the top trends in access control. Here is a detailed description of some of the most critical access control trends to watch in 2021.

Mobile Access Control

Access control has become even more crucial as a result of the pandemic, according to 44 percent of office employees. According to a poll, 54 percent of organizations have updated or plan to upgrade to a mobile access control system within the next three years. People may expect that more than half of the predicted companies will be moving away from legacy systems in the near future if they have not already done so due to the apparent rise in the importance and expansion of mobile access. 

For the physical security and access control business, the usage of mobile-based credentials represents an organic evolution. Today, the entire population owns a smartphone, and most of them keep it with them at all times.

Cloud-Based Access Control

Physical security has been a late adopter of cloud technology, especially in midsize and enterprise businesses. Today most business systems have adopted cloud-based systems. Almost every system like messaging, email, sales CRMs, marketing tools, productivity tools, IT infrastructure, and website hosting operates in the cloud.

Due to the tremendous benefits offered in operational improvements, enhanced security, and easier multi-site administration of access to take advantage of unlimited scalability, physical security is experiencing a significant transition towards cloud-based access control.

Biometric Access Control

Many businesses are trying to implement face ID-style phone access to their buildings and facilities. Face recognition access control allows for an advanced, touchless experience.

For decades, biometrics has persisted on the periphery of access control technology, constrained by high costs, accuracy challenges, privacy concerns, and other issues. During this Covid-19 era, it has become a valuable access control device as prices have dropped, quality has improved, and privacy issues have been taken care of.

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