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In 2010, Newcastle-Under-Lyme College in the United Kingdom, disembarking its original 1960’s buildings, unveiled a new campus embodying the dynamics of 21st-century education and sustainability. The college focused on building an innovative technology-driven environment and decided to install a state-of-the-art security system to address its various priorities. They wanted a high-level, scalable security solution that can be fully integrated with facilities management solutions and student enrollment system. The solution was also required to be able to deliver flexible access control to enable security automation for real-time, 24/7 remote management and supervise access rights of students in certain areas of campus.

The college’s quest for an effective solution finally ended at Inner Range, a leading integrated security software and systems provider. The company provided integrated access control and intruder alarm system to manage the security of the entire campus from a central location as well as monitor the campus from remote areas. It also helped to improve efficiency by connecting with buildings and facilities management systems. The flexible access control system allowed the college to react to facility damage. For instance, student access to the lifts was revoked during college hours and automatically opened during the evening for evening students. Inner Range also deployed its automatic number plate recognition technology to automate access to the staff car park eliminating the need for monitoring. The company successfully offered not only a robust access control system for the present needs but one that enabled future scalability and development as well.

This instance serves as a testament to Inner Range’s steadfastness in offering integrated access control systems. Established in 1988, the company is a global leader in designing and manufacturing intelligent security solutions and a pioneer of access control systems. With more than 150,000 installations globally, Inner Range’s multi-award-winning platforms offer tangible solutions to help companies manage their security, safety, and operational needs on a daily basis.
The company provides these solutions and integration possibilities across a wide variety of commercial and enterprise applications, including hospitals, high-security units, colleges, distribution centers, pharmaceutical companies, government, and critical national infrastructure.

Inner Range’s flexible and scalable solutions address various access control requirements of organizations regardless of their size and risk while expanding to meet future needs. Prominent in its solution portfolio is Integriti, an award-winning intelligent access control and security system for managing and controlling single and multiple sites at local, national, and global levels. It also facilitates security and building automation as well as business continuity processes such as HR, payroll, health and safety, and compliance. Further, the Inception is a budget-friendly and flexible integrated access control and security alarm system built directly into the main security controller so that only tool needed is a web browser. Inner Range Infiniti Program is a product suite developed to meet specific market demands and is built upon Inner Range’s highly-successful Integriti platform. The Infiniti program facilitates major and high-security projects, allowing government and large institutions to work closely with manufacturers and security integrators.

Further, Inner Range designs and makes a suite of back-end hardware and peripheral components such as intelligent power supplies, card readers, alarm reporting devices, and enclosures. The company also supports numerous non-proprietary devices and allows clients to choose end-to-end Inner Range systems or a mix of other leading vendors, empowering them to have a tailored solution meeting their exact requirements.

At the core of these unique capabilities is Inner Range’s continuous investment in R&D that ensures innovative and cutting-edge design of its products, benefitting every organization regardless of size. Further bolstering the company’s strength is its technical and professional services team that provides support to distributors, end-user, and certified installation companies. With such ingenious solutions and innovations, Inner Range continues to be the frontrunner in the intelligent security systems industry.
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Inner Range is a global leader in designing and manufacturing intelligent security solutions helping companies manage their security, safety and operational needs