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Ken Mills, CEO , IntelliSite CorporationKen Mills, CEO
With cities across the world getting smarter by the day, officials are focused on making these intricate ecosystems healthier, safer and more efficient. The concept of ‘safe city’ is an essential pillar of emerging smart cities, which focuses on the need to safeguard citizens from terrorism, crime, disasters, natural calamities and other threats. As such, security surveillance, at the heart of these smart cities, is a rapidly growing market. Surveillance technology plays an instrumental role in this growth, and has evolved as a complete information management resource coupled with applications for risk management. In the wake of broadening security concerns, rising digitalization, and increasing adoption of IP-driven surveillance cameras, private and public organizations across diverse industries have reams of data at their disposal—with regard to video surveillance, traffic, parking citations, break-ins, illness and more—but very little connected insights to drive informed decisions.

In order to find an assertive way to safeguard citizens and employees, and their privacy, assets and facilities, organizations must process and aggregate data from security cameras, sensor-based systems and other smart devices to derive meaningful information and create actionable outcomes.

Ken Mills, CEO of IntelliSite, has served the IT industry for more than 20 years with his business-to-business technology and information security expertise, enabling him to observe the industry and its evolving trends at close quarters. In a bid to embrace the benefits of holistic security management, he notes that organizations are witnessing a convergence of IT-related software and programming expertise with physical security hardware and applications. As an increasing number of CISOs and CIOs rethink their strategies to safeguard their data, facilities, and workforce by taking both physical security and IT into account, they seek a modern technology stack that supports, interacts, and integrates data with third-party systems.

This is precisely where IntelliSite Corporation operates in a league of its own.

Enter IntelliSite

A portfolio company of DFW Capital Partners, IntelliSite is focused on delivering solutions for its customers across IoT, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Safety & Security concerns. The California-based company empowers organizations across diverse sectors with its enterprise-scale DeepLogic cloud-based software, turnkey IoT solutions, and a wide range of managed services that connect businesses and translate data into actionable outcomes. “IntelliSite works closely with its technology and channel partners to bring together the IT and IoT space, coupled with AI in a meaningful way so that our customers can accomplish the desired outcome,” says Mills, CEO, IntelliSite.

Touching upon the paradigm shift in the industry, Mills explains that customers want to go beyond the traditional video-only surveillance options and make their security applications intelligent and responsive by adding data from IoT, AI, and audio sensors. From monitoring traffic patterns for multinational road safety projects like Vision Zero, and integrating smart and automated crosswalks to remote monitoring, illegal dumping, license recognition, and site security, organizations want their different security applications to integrate with their IT applications and consolidate the data from different sensors to achieve better outcomes. IntelliSite, on a mission to produce such measurable results, has designed and developed its suite of products and services, that keeps the evolving needs of the industry in mind.

At the company’s core, IntelliSite is driven by its tagline, “envision a safer and smarter world.” IntelliSite connects organizations, communities, and cities through the delivery of state-of-the-art surveillance, IoT sensors, and AI. The company’s solutions are built on its open DeepLogic software that can quickly integrate additional components and features and facilitate remote management, customized portals, and actionable insights. These enterprise-scale solutions are industry agnostic, applying to diverse use cases across healthcare, public works, financial, energy, agriculture, retail, and education markets. Beyond mere video application management, IntelliSite enables its customers to integrate the data generated through sensors with other platforms in the organization. “We provide a path to get the security data into the HR, IT, IoT and other big data platforms and applications, so that it becomes part of the corporate data fabric and is not excluded,” adds Mills.

With the pandemic still having an impact on economic activity, the solutions and services offered by IntelliSite have proved immensely beneficial to its clients for safe public or private gatherings.
The company provides both heuristic-based monitoring (hBM) and IntelliSense Sensors, and IntelliSite’s edge to cloud computing fabric for addressing pedestrian crosswalk safety, monitoring elevated body temperature combined with thermal and video cameras, and more such sensing. The artificial intelligence, IoT sensors, and cloud-based remote management are instrumental in having a 24/7 surveillance to secure the facility perimeter.

IntelliSite works closely with its technology and channel partners to bring together the IT and IoT space, coupled with AI in a meaningful way so that our customers can accomplish the desired outcome

IntelliSite’s AI in Action

Mills cites a client success story in which a major university approached the company to devise solutions to reduce pedestrian accidents and fatalities. “We implemented our smart community as a service (SCaaS) solution, installing smartphones around the campus to deploy AI and gather information,” recalls Mills. To reduce accident risk to zero, it was crucial to understand the flow and the kind of traffic around campus to make changes in the crosswalks and place traffic lights accordingly. The solution designed, configured, and deployed by IntelliSite monitored the pedestrians’ and drivers’ inattentiveness, and using audio technology, triggered warnings for pedestrians to pay more attention.

“We were also able to provide information on the near-hit accidents, which is really important,” says Mills. “If someone meets an accident, numerous studies are conducted to study why it happened. However, when they have a near hit, which is not an accident, there isn’t any data to study such cases. We were able to draw our own intelligence, deploy a solution to analyze the near hit accidents, and understand the reasons behind such events: be it the quickly changing lights or inattentive pedestrians,” he adds. In a nutshell, the utilization of AI resulted in significantly lowered accidents and fatalities. Moreover, the system is now being implemented across the county.

Round-the Clock Security

When it comes to remote monitoring and management, IntelliSite provides a dedicated service, IntelliCare, to ensure the safety and protection of its customers. The service involves deploying a professional security team that works round the clock to identify and engage perpetrators remotely and monitor security events and alarms generated by video, AI, IoT, and more, followed by alerting onsite security and local authorities and seeking a fast resolution. The security professionals act as a pair of remote eyes for the customers to respond to events and make informed decisions. Customers primarily opt for the IntelliCare service for equipment yard security, copper theft security, oil & gas site monitoring, water management monitoring, and cell tower management.

The IntelliCare service also addresses the access control aspect by leveraging AI for frictionless and contactless access within a facility. AI integration with traditional access control systems allows authorities to monitor the workforce and visitors at the entry points. “They can check the occupancy of an individual, PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) compliance required for manufacturing or industrial facility, body temperature, face masks, protective gears, and a lot more before providing access or entry into a facility,” explains Mills.

Alleviating Administrative Burden
IntelliSite’s DeepLogic software supports AWS, Azure, Google, and any Telco cloud. It can also be implemented as a virtualized appliance or in a private cloud. Mills adds, “Our cloud-based platform empowers our clients with more control over how and where the solution is deployed, and strengthens their control over data from a compliance perspective. They can connect to other cloud applications using our cloud connector, thereby modernizing the dataflow between the security devices and IT applications.”

A typical client onboarding process at IntelliSite follows a PPDIO (“plan, prepare, design, implement, and operate”) methodology to identify and understand the customer’s business challenges and desired outcomes. The IntelliSite team designs a highly-customized and scalable solution by assessing the client’s existing IT/OT infrastructure, locations, and site layouts, site engineering needs, device and data requirements, dashboard and reporting needs, and implementation timelines. The IntelliSite DeepLogic software is a truly cloud-native platform that can be deployed in any cloud infrastructure, eliminating the need to own or manage any infrastructure.

Moving forward, with a strong value proposition in place, IntelliSite plans to expand its portfolio through acquisitions to offer its clients an enhanced and more robust suite of integrated solutions.
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IntelliSite Corporation

IntelliSite Corporation

Ceres, CA

Ken Mills, CEO

IntelliSite is squarely focused on delivering outcomes for its customers across IoT, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Safety & Security. A portfolio company of DFW Capital Partners, IntelliSite empowers organizations across diverse sectors with its enterprise-scale DeepLogic cloud-based software, turnkey IoT solutions, and a wide range of managed services that connect businesses and translate data into actionable outcomes. IntelliSite works closely with its technology and channel partners to bring together the IT and IoT space, coupled with AI in a meaningful way so that customers can accomplish the desired outcome