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Top 10 Remote Access Companies - 2021

Businesses rely on agile systems to adapt to continually evolving challenges and pivot to take advantage of new opportunities. Speed is of the essence, with pressure on IT staff to provision information resources quickly and seamlessly when required by users. However, in counterpoint to this desire for on-demand access are the very real security issues that keep IT managers up at night. Facing attacks on critical applications both inside and outside the traditional security perimeter, enterprises must make sure that access is tightly regulated to keep data secure.

Remote IAM strategies often live in silos housed in various departments, including information security, application development, and regulatory compliance. Because each department often customizes access privileges to best suit its business goals, corporate IT requirements are often left unenforced. This patchwork Remote IAM strategy can lead to awkward provisioning and de-provisioning of access, lost productivity, and even security breaches.

While implementing a comprehensive Remote IAM strategy can be much more complex than simple technology deployment, when done correctly, enterprises can realize tangible business value, including increased operational efficiency, simplified regulatory compliance, and enhanced employee satisfaction. However, to successfully deploy a robust Remote IAM solution, several problems must be overcome. One way organizations can recruit and retain the best talent is to remove the constraints of geographic location and offer a flexible work environment. A remote workforce allows businesses to boost productivity while keeping expenses in check—as well as untethering employees from a traditional office setting.

With the growth of cloud-based and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, users now have the power to log in to critical business apps like Salesforce, Office365, Concur, and more anytime, from any place, using any device. However, with the increase of distributed applications comes an increase in the complexity of managing user identities for those applications. Without a seamless way to access these applications, users struggle with password management while IT is faced with rising support costs from frustrated users.

A holistic IAM solution can help administrators consolidate, control, and simplify access privileges, whether the critical applications are hosted in traditional data centers, private clouds, public clouds, or a hybrid combination of all these spaces. We present to you, “Top 10 Remote Access Companies - 2021.”

    Remote Access Companies

  • The COVID pandemic has bought about a paradigm shift in the way businesses operate. Most companies tend to follow the hybrid working policy, which largely involves remote working

  • A Canadian cyber security and technology company, 01 Communique Laboratory Inc. [TSXV: ONE] is reinventing remote access security. Through its proprietary software, I’m InTouch, the company provide users with the ability to establish remote desktop connection from anywhere, anytime, and any device. Unlike VPN, I’m InTouch maintains “zero-trust” on a network level. Hence, accessing the corporate network from a home computer that has been compromised will not expose the network to any security risk. In essence, I’m InTouch serves as a fast, easy, and secure remote access alternative.

  • Citrix


    Citrix provides technology that empowers organizations to #UnlockPotential & deliver a better employee experience. Their goal is to give people the space to succeed & do their best work - wherever they are. Their platform brings intelligence, virtualization, workspace and app delivery, a zero-trust security approach, and data analytics together into a seamless experience that fosters innovation, resilience, and business continuity. From enabling sustainable remote work models to streamlining the journey to multi-cloud, Citrix helps securely deliver how work gets done today and in the future.

  • IntelliSite


    IntelliSite delivers outcomes for their customers across IoT, Safety & Security, and Computer Vision. Their core portfolio is built around their IoT Cloud Engine, delivering an enterprise platform for edge compute fleet management and IoT integration. The IntelliSite IoT Cloud Engine enables easy configuration of sensors and complex automation rules. Their simple to use templates and deployment engine allow for simplified management of even significant (thousands of locations) distributed edge and IoT devices.

  • interprefy


    Interprefy is the world's leading provider of remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) technology and services for any event or meeting type - online, hybrid or in-person - and combined with any event or web conferencing platform. Their cloud-based platform revolutionizes simultaneous interpreting by replacing old hardware, enabling interpreters to deliver their services remotely, without needing to be on-site. Event and meeting participants simply listen to the language of their choice through their smartphones or laptops.

  • ISL Online

    ISL Online

    ISL Online is one of the pioneers of the remote desktop support industry. Since 2003, ISL Online has been providing remote control software to IT professionals and help desk technicians across 100 countries, with Japan being the strongest market. With a choice of a cloud service or a self-hosted solution, ISL Online software is used to access and control computers or mobile devices to provide ad hoc technical support or to manage systems remotely. ISL Online has been developed by XLAB, a software development company headquartered in Europe, with offices in Slovenia, Switzerland, the UK and the USA.

  • LogMeIn


    LogMeIn’s category-defining products unlock the potential of the modern workforce by making it possible for millions of people and businesses around the globe to do their best work, whenever, however, and most importantly, wherever. A pioneer in remote work technology and a driving force behind today’s work-from-anywhere movement, LogMeIn has become one of the world’s largest SaaS companies with tens of millions of active users, more than 3,500 global employees, over $1.3 billion in annual revenue and more than 2 million customers worldwide who use its software as an essential part of their daily lives.

  • RealVNC


    RealVNC is a leading provider of remote access solutions, helping some of the biggest companies in the world connects people through devices. As the company that pioneered the VNC internet protocol that is now the standard across the industry, RealVNC is at the forefront of its evolution, with software in over 1 billion devices worldwide. Today, RealVNC® is a multi-award winning SaaS business, with technology in over 90,000 enterprise organizations across all industries. RealVNC's secure remote access software, VNC Connect, is trusted by industry heavyweights, including world-leading organizations such as Google, NASA and Intel.

  • Remotepc


    RemotePC provides users with remote access and control through an easy-to-use interface. RemotePC is easy to install and start using without the help of an IT professional. Like many remote access software providers, RemotePC also has a robust customer service tool. The Help Desk plan that's included with the higher-tier Team and Enterprise subscriptions allows an unlimited number of technicians to provide technical support to any customer anywhere.

  • Splashtop


    Based in Silicon Valley, Splashtop delivers next-generation remote access and remote support software and services for enterprises, academic and research institutions, government agencies, small businesses, MSPs, IT departments, and individuals. Splashtop’s cloud-based, secure, and easily managed remote access approach is increasingly replacing legacy approaches such as virtual private networks (VPNs), while earning a stunning 93 Net Promoter Score (NPS), a standard for assessing customer satisfaction. More than 30 million users, including those in 85% of Fortune 500 enterprises, enjoy Splashtop products globally.