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Top 10 Access Control Solution Companies - 2019

Access control can be considered as the starting point of human security. Development in the field of access control over the years has been slow but steady. However, the pace of developments and innovations in the field has seen exponential growth in the last two decades. Simple mechanical locks have grown into access cards and fingerprint scanning and identification. Even a person's very face has become their medium of access to a location. Even now, the number of possibilities for further development in the field keeps on increasing.

In the same way, the pace of development in ways to bypass the access control measures seems to be proportional to that of access control. As soon as a lock was made, a lock pick was created. As soon as passwords were created, methods of hacking them were designed. As soon as fingerprint scanning was developed, ways to imitate a person's fingerprint were found. Such bypassing methods evolved to the point that even facial recognition is not a reliable method of access control today. However, these are not the only challenges in the field of access control. A way to handle a large amount of data generated by access control systems is still required. There is also a need for mobility and methods to access data and resources from any place in the world in case of emergency.

Consequently, countermeasures for every bypass method are also in development. This approach is leading to the development and innovations of even new forms of access control. Utilization of technologies like big data and cloud services allow organizations to handle and analyze the vast amounts of data generated by the access control systems. Integration of said systems with Internet of Things(IoT) provides the required mobility to the systems. This integration allows organizations to access data and resources from any point in the world. Use of data analytics, machine learning and predictive analytics enables not only to monitor and mitigate threats but detect and prevent threats altogether. Many solution providers are even working to combine multiple forms of access control methods to create Multi-Factor Authentication(MFA) techniques. One example of said techniques is biometric signatures. For those who prefer offline methods, locks are designed that contain auto-lock and tracking capabilities.

Such developments and innovations result in a market with solution and service providers who specialize in different aspects of access control. This makes it difficult for business organizations to select the one solution providers that will cater to their specific requirements. To help them make a sound decision, Enterprise Security Magazine with its panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts, along with CIOReview Magazine editorial board presents "Top 10 Access Control Solution Providers".

    Top Access Control Technology Companies

  • Since ways to bypass both passwords and biometric methods like fingerprint scanning have been developed, Biometric Signature ID has developed a more secure and reliable method of access control with its product BioSig-ID. BioSig-ID combines both biometric and password methods of access control by combining gesture recognition with passwords. The user needs to enter the password in their handwriting to gain access to a facility. This approach is successful in providing Multi-Factor Authentication(MFA) to ensure high-level of security to any organization

  • Honeywell invents and manufactures technologies to address challenges, which are directly linked to global macro-trends such as safety and security. Being the industry pioneers, the firm has designed and developed several groundbreaking advances that have shaped current residential and commercial security systems. The firm’s WIN-PAK 4.7 software integrates and manages access control, video surveillance, and intrusion detection through a single interface in a simple and cost-effective manner. Honeywell’s web-based NetAXS-123 enables users to securely manage their system anywhere there’s an Internet connection, with no dedicated PC or software costs. Designed with a user-friendly design, the system is simple to install and easy to operate and maintain

  • As the physical and cyber-security realms are merging rapidly due to IoT proliferation, it is becoming a challenge for CIOs to draw a proper strategy to stay at the front of this change. Being a leader in the security space for more than 45 years, Kastle Systems—a SOC 2 compliant cloud-based access-control-as-a-service provider— caters to many federal buildings including U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Education, and Department of General Services. Also, Kastle Systems has established the industry standard for Physical Logical Access Interoperability (PLAI) by recognizing the potential of open platforms in allowing interoperability

  • Paladin is Ohio’s Premier Systems Integrator, providing access control systems and services to some of the largest companies in the U.S. by developing the best custom solutions. Founded in 1990, Paladin is known for leveraging the best-sourced products from the top manufacturers. It provides various credential-based access control systems, fortified with encrypted badges, biometrics, and facial recognition. These systems can be further integrated with other security systems to function as a company’s centralized security management suite. Paladin’s security solutions can also be combined with other non-security systems to streamline a company’s business workflow

  • Passbase is a privacy-focused identity verification solution provider, which builds developer-friendly identity verification tools to help businesses onboard new users faster, cheaper, and with bank-level confidence by verifying the user’s true identity in seconds. It makes use of a unique combination of public-key cryptography, biometric authentication, and machine intelligence to verify user credentials without companies needing to worry about storing, processing, or protecting sensitive personally identifiable information. Also, users have control of the information they share with the company, which makes the companies compliant with GDPR and California Consumer Privacy Act

  • Innovative, enterprise-class cybersecurity firm Remediant has developed SecureONE, a solution that helps companies detect, monitor, and manage the level of privileged access (PA) allotted to the employees (or accrued by them over time inadvertently). Remediant believes that PA management has to move away from the current siloed nature to be part of a broader fabric of information security solutions deployed in an organization. Remediant is now supporting Mac and Linux systems, so DevOps teams can work in a highly secure environment

  • SALTO Systems Inc has been redefining the access control world from 2001 by continually being first to anticipate market needs in a rapidly evolving marketplace. They set new standards in security, manageability and scalability. SALTO hardware and software can be networked without wires to provide real-time intelligence and instant control, whilst enabling integration with existing systems to improve manageability and enhance end-user experience. The company has revolutionized access control around the world in sectors where security is critical – from airports and healthcare to government education and hotels – they continue to deliver the most advanced and flexible electronic locking solutions in the market

  • Sterling Identity

    Sterling Identity

    Sterling Identity shares the vision of making the workplace safe by letting a client hire employees with confidence. Sterling offers one of the best biometric and identity verification solution among the myriad of solution providers which helps in verifying the identity of a client within a matter of minutes. Not just identity but it also verifies other information such as an address, D.O.B, credit history and criminal history. Sterling’s solution integrates into the existing system of a client’s hiring experience and verifies a candidate’s identity before the hiring process is completed

  • Vision Box

    Vision Box

    It is a multinational technology company dedicated to improving the quality, convenience, security and efficiency of government services like travel and border control. Vision-Box is a leading partner of the most prestigious airports, airlines, governments and private entities with critical security and identification challenges. Vision-Box's Seamless Flow embraces a modern vision of the airport where the passenger journey is automated through contactless biometric identification systems. Airport management is characterized by multi-source data stream orchestration and major decisions are made at the distance of a click

  • Zwipe


    Zwipe is a technology company enabling battery-less, ultra-low-power, self-contained biometric authentication solutions for payment cards and wearable devices. It addresses data pitfalls inherent in traditional authentication methods by enabling the integration of fingerprint sensors into devices that are currently used to complete the transaction. Zwipe's technology is dual-interface, securing both contact and contactless based payments at checkout. When a user's fingerprint touches the fingerprint sensor on the card, its advanced biometric authentication process activates, enabling a user to complete a secure contactless transaction in under a second