LobiBox: A Smart Gatekeeper for Visitors

Top 10 Access Control Solutions Companies - 2022

With the advent of IAM, organizations are experiencing a secure and manageable digital transformation in terms of identity management and security. IAM solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) can enhance the security and identity recognition potential more precisely.

Leveraging machine learning algorithms can enable the IAM system to learn from millions of user actions, behaviors, and authentication transactions & spot or predict anomalies or security breaches. Tech visionaries are envisioning a future where machine learning (ML) systems will observe computer sessions, identify whether a genuine person is accessing the system, predict internal and external threats, and understand the data breach pattern beforehand.

Further, Zero trust is all about securing IT infrastructure and data via a framework that can tackle safeguard remote workers, hybrid cloud environments, and IT in general. It works on the assumption that any network is always at risk of either internal or internal attacks. Zero trust means an individual is not just trusted because they are on the network. They have to prove who they are and are given only limited access to systems they need. But beyond safeguarding and vetting individual identities, the next frontier is now verifying machine identities.

With the upsurge in identity theft & privacy leakage over the past few years, organizations from different sectors are planning to incorporate decentralized identity ecosystems and not to use centralized systems for identity management. That is why IAM vendors and product developers are focusing on leveraging blockchain to gear up identity management in a decentralized form.

Through blockchain technology, implementing a decentralized identity ecosystem will protect user identity because such system will follow a user-centric model. The users will be responsible for managing their identity data. That will also promote the identity governance & administration (IGA) and other regulatory compliance to align with the organization’s data privacy and security architecture.

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    Top Access Control Solutions Companies

  • LobiBox provides an all-in-one access control system serving multi-tenant, commercial, parking, and gated community spaces with its virtual receptionist-type application. LobiBox provides layers of security, allowing members to verify visitors visually before granting access with their smartphones.


  • AMAG Technology

    AMAG Technology

    AMAG Technology is a physical security solution provider for enterprises, that offers access control software and hardware solutions. Amag's solutions are mainly related to access control, mobile access solutions, insider threats, visitor management, identity management, and video management

  • BIO key

    BIO key

    The BIO-key platform is a flexible identity and access management solution integrated with Identity-Bound Biometrics. Also, BIO-key is the only provider of an IAM platform with integrated Identity-Bound Biometrics (IBB)

  • Brivo


    Brivo is a cloud-based access control SaaS company, protecting lives and facilities with the best service to meet client's physical security needs. As a SaaS company, Brivo also offers a complete API platform service that empowers partners to build custom integrations and vertical market offerings

  • ConductorOne


    ConductorOne helps secure identity in cloud apps and infrastructure through least privilege access controls and automation. ConductorOne integrates permission management for the web and modern infrastructure

  • Galaxy Control Systems

    Galaxy Control Systems

    Galaxy Control Systems is a complete, enterprise-class access control and security management solution that offers unsurpassed ability to satisfy the requirements of any credential management, access control, or security situation

  • HID Global

    HID Global

    HID Global is the developer behind RFID and active low-energy Bluetooth®, IoT based access control hardware and software solutions provider such as access control, identity management, citizen ID, card printing, and RFID tracking & monitoring

  • Identiv


    Identiv is a seamless authentication and security solution provider that helps to verify frictionless access and anywhere operations, protect identities from malicious attacks, and secure intellectual property

  • Kastle Systems

    Kastle Systems

    Kastle’s cloud-based technology features an open interface enabling integrated access and video systems across an array of disparate PropTech platforms

  • ProdataKey


    ProdataKey is the creator behind the pdk application, a mobile-first access control software. This cloud-based access control platform, manage users, lock & unlock doors, change system preferences in real time with maximum security